ORILEY Beach Pebbles Polished (3-6cm, Grey, 5 KG) Smooth & Round Stones River Rocks Decorative for Home Decor Aquariums Crafting Garden Lawn

  • NATURAL STONES: These high-quality natural stones are non-toxic and eco-friendly river rocks. These river rocks are made of natural stone that has been lightly polished for a smooth appearance. They come in a range of natural colours and are fade-resistant for lasting beauty.
  • WIDE USAGE: This pack of pebbles is perfect for you if you want to add more beauty to your garden, lawn, or even your potted plant or aquarium. It is ideal for creative interior and exterior design and home decor. Use for walkways, water features, exposed aggregate walls or floors, swimming pool areas, flower arrangements, vase fillers, and many other areas. Additionally, it could be added as a finishing touch to terrariums, water gardens, ponds, and aquariums.
  • INTELLIGENT ROUND SHAPE: These pebbles are easy on the feet as there are no sharp edges. River rocks are both very attractive and offer good drainage because of their shape. In flower and garden beds, as well as on walkways, river rocks are used to prevent erosion. Produced by the relentless surf, beach pebbles have developed a naturally smooth finish unlike ordinary garden stones.
  • DECORATIVE PEBBLES: You can use the chosen smooth rocks to make unique works of art. Artists can give each work of art a unique personality by using stones of various sizes. Smooth and wax-free, ideal for painting and enhancing the visual impact of the artwork. Have your children paint a few pebbles and add them into your landscape for a more personal touch.
  • READY TO USE: The pebbles are clean, but they should be washed to remove any sand residue. Use these beach stones as you see fit, whether you want to put them in a flower pot, aquarium, or garden. You can also make use of these pebbles for a wonderful stone painting. All our beach pebbles are naturally created and tumbled in their natural habitat to produce the most smooth and rounded stones for outdoor gardens and interior design and landscaping.
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