Oriley 100% Natural Mulch (4 Kg) Wooden Manure Forest Brown Lakdi Ki Khad/Bura Wood Compost for Garden Organic Farm Plant Growth Landscaping Mulching(Pack of 2)

  • MADE FROM 100% NATURAL WOOD BARK: Our Wooden Manure is made from natural wood materials, without any added chemicals or synthetic components. This bag of Mulch Forest Brown is safe for your plants and the environment, while also providing optimal nourishment for your garden.
  • IMPROVES SOIL STRUCTURE AND INCREASES NITROGEN: This Bag of Mulch Wood Compost not only provides a source of nutrients to your plants but also helps to improve the soil structure. As the Forest Brown degrades, it creates air pockets in the soil, which improves aeration and drainage and aids in the loosening of compacted soil.
  • RETAINS MOISTURE AND SUPPRESSES WEEDS: The Mulch Forest Brown is ideal for retaining moisture in the soil and reducing weed growth. This is due to their porous nature & fine texture, which allows for water to penetrate easily and prevents the growth of weed seeds by blocking sunlight.
  • EFFECTIVE PESTS REPELLING: Wood Manure/Lakdi Ka Bura is highly effective in repelling pests and can quickly reduce the flea population that may be affecting your garden. In addition to fleas, Mulch Forest Brown can also eliminate ticks and gnats from your garden and home. This makes them a great natural alternative to chemical pesticides.
  • ENHANCES WATER RETENTION: Mulch Forest Brown can help to enhance water retention in your garden. The porous nature of the Forest Brown allows for water to infiltrate easily, and once absorbed, the mulch acts as a sponge, holding onto moisture for longer periods of time.
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