Oriley Pediatric Max Tone Stethoscope Heart Beat Monitoring Chest Piece Medical Instrument for Doctors, Nurses (Pink)

  • INCREDIBLE ACOUSTIC SENSITIVITY: Oriley pediatric Max Tone stethoscope comes with an incredible acoustic sensitivity that allows paediatricians to listen up to the sounds & vibrations with higher clarity. Both higher & low frequencies can be heard with our exemplary heart-beat stethoscope.
  • SUPERLATIVE CHEST PIECE & TUBING: The premium stainless steel built chest piece and PVC tubing records the auscultation and smoothly transfer sounds from the body surface to the ears of paediatricians. With our high-end stethoscopes, a paediatrician can adequately detect problem with the patients.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT & COMFORTABLE: Oriley pediatric Max Tone stethoscope is a lightweight instrument that is easy to carry and wear. Its compact design provides unparalleled comfort that does not create any sort of hindrance for its flawless usage by the paediatrician.
  • ACOUSTICALLY SOFT EAR SEALING KNOBS: The acoustical soft ear sealing are capable of providing great convenience to the doctors & nurses. Our feathery-soft ear tips not only provides a better fit but also makes low and high pitch sounds clearly audible to the paediatrician which paves for fast detection of the ailment in patients.
  • MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Our premium cardiology stethoscope is a great fit for every medical professional. This stethoscope can be used in an array of areas such as emergency rooms, routine medical checkups, home nursing facility, hospitals, hospices and more.
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