Oriley Orthopedic Heat Belt Hot Massage Therapy for Stiff Muscles Joint Cramps Back Pain Heating Pad for Men & Women (XL)

  • HELPS EASE OUT MUSCLES & JOINT STIFFNESS: Oriley orthopedic electric heat belt provides massaging therapy to soothe tired muscles & stiff joints. The massaging heating pad penetrates calming heat to the deep tired muscles tissues that eventually helps to get rid of the unbearable cramps and joint aches.
  • SUPER FAST THREE LEVEL COMFORTABLE HEATING: This heating pad is able to produce feel-to-good warmth that offers deep healing therapy to the body. It gets warm within sometime after plugging it in the electricity switch & aids in healing body aches. You can set its heating level according to the requirement at the moment.
  • FLEXIBLE APPLICATION: The orthopedic heat belt from Oriley is covered by an ultra-soft cotton cover that is detachable & easily washable. The heating pad is usable on various areas where you are feeling uneasiness. You can use to provide massaging therapy to your shoulders, thighs, back, lower abdomen, feet and more.
  • BUILT IN TWIN THERMOSTAT FOR HEAT REGULATION: There are three different heating modes in our heating pad. If you fall asleep while using this heat belt then there is nothing to worry about. Oriley massage belt contains twin thermostat that automatically regulates heat ensuring an uninterrupted & soothing massaging therapy.
  • NO SIDE EFFECT & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Oriley orthopedic heating pad is equipped with overheating protection that does not adversely impact the muscles & joints. Also, the power consumption of our exemplary massaging belt is highly economical.
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