Oriley Nasal Oxygen Cannula with Soft Touch, Universal Connector & Comfortable Long Tube for Adults (Random Colors)

  • SOFT TOUCH & RICH COMFORT: Oriley nasal oxygen cannula is soft to touch. It can be used without any discomfort. Also, it is lightweight and thus it will not put pressure on the patient?s ear and face and this makes it comfortable to carry it over the ears.
  • UNIVERSAL CONNECTOR: This product is specially designed to help patients effortlessly. It has universal connectors which will not create any sort of hindrance while bringing it into the application. It is easily attachable to most sources of oxygen which further makes it a life-saver tool.
  • CRUSH-RESISTANT TUBING: It comes with crush-resistant tubing that allows the patient to breathe easily without worrying about the tube being crushed. The design of this product will maintain the right airflow promoting an optimum supply of oxygen to the patient.
  • TWIN NASALS & MULTI-CHANNEL TUBE: For patients suffering from respiratory illness, a regular and stable oxygen supply is critical. Our product has a multi-channel tube along with twin nasals which ensures an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the patient for easy breathing.
  • LONG TUBE MADE with NON-TOXIC MATERIAL: This adult nasal oxygen cannula is made up of non-toxic medical PVC material which makes it safe to be used by the patient. It is clean from any contamination and colour. Also, the length of the tube is long which makes it feasible for the patient to wear it.
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Features:USB charging, mini size, and lightweight, easy and convenient to carry or use. 30ml water tank capacity for consistent water replenishment, more convenient to use. All-around water replenishment can be used on face, hands, body, hair, etc, reducing skin sensitivity. It can effectively replenish dry skin and adjust the water and oil balance of the skin, making your face look bright and with good complexion. Adopts nano atomization technology, atomizes liquid into nano-sized small molecular particles, which can penetrate directly into the deep layer, achieving better absorption. Specification:Battery Capacity: 550mAhAtomization Amount: 1. 25-1. 45ml/minMaterial: Atomization Chip, Integrated CircuitWater Tank Capacity: 30mlAtomized Particles: 0. 3?mCharging Time: 2hoursColour: PinkSize: Approx. 35*35*103 mm / 1. 4*1. 4*4. 1 in. Weight: Approx. 56g, Package List: 1 x Nano Mist Sprayer, 1 x USB Cable.