Oriley Max Tone Stethoscope Heart Beat Monitoring Chest Piece Medical Instrument for Doctors, Nurses (Black)

  • ACOUSTIC SENSITIVITY: Oriley Max Tone stethoscope aims at delivering the most accurate auscultation of heart, stomach, lungs. It even manages to provide highly-accurate blood flow sounds with acoustic clarity & integrity in doctors, nurses & other medical professionals in a clinic or home setting.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CHEST PIECE: The high-quality chest piece is able to capture the authentic heart beats & hear subtle changes in patients with zero deviations. The chest piece is made up of stainless steel material that makes it to last longer than expected.
  • ERGONOMIC & HIGH PROFILE CONSTRUCTION: The ergonomic construction of Oriley Max Tone stethoscope provides a hassle-free experience to the medical professionals. The stethoscope tube is made up of PVC material which provides high quality sound transmission.
  • SOFT SEALING EAR KNOBS: Ear knobs in a stethoscope play a crucial role while checking patients adroitly. The soft sealing ear knobs that come equipped with Oriley stethoscope is made of soft PVC material that neither restrict the sound transmission to the ears nor provides uneasiness to the doctors & nurses.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: The PVC tubing and high-quality stainless steel chest piece makes Oriley stethoscope lightweight & comfortable. It will not cause any hindrance to the doctors, nurses & other medical professionals while providing the right treatment to their patients.
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