ORILEY Grow Bag Heavy Duty Geo Fabric Plants Flower Growing Bags Floor Standing Mount Type for Home Garden Balcony Nursery (Blue, Square, 400 GSM 8x8x8 inch Pack of 5)

  • HEAT RETENTION & UV RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY: Special light grey color allows heat retention, protects roots while being ultra lightweight and resists wear over time even after multiple uses under direct sunlight/uv rays making it suitable for use as an outdoor container too.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY DESIGN: It promotes root aeration through proper air circulation along with optimum draining keeping soil health at maximum capacity thus providing a fine growing environment for your flowers, herbs, succulents etc… even if you have limited space outdoors or indoors.
  • BUILT-IN HANDLES: This Planter Bag has built-in handles on each side to help easily move your potted plants from one location to another with ease.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The fabric material ensures easy maintenance and cleaning by just washing the outside when needed without having any harsh chemicals or toxic materials used in its manufacture.
  • FLEXIBLE GROW BAGS: These grow bags are the ideal choice for your garden with flexibility to move pots when needed without disturbing their contents, each pot has handles on two sides making it easy to transport around even when full of soil.
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Oriley Sanitizing Spray Pump Garden Pressure Sprayers with Adjustable Nozzle (1200 ML)
Makes spraying easy and efficient with this simple portable garden sprayer by Oriley. This water sprayer is controlled by a simple hand pump that increases the pressure within the device and then operates the spray. Adding water to the pump is easy. Unscrew the top, pour the liquid into the pot, screw it back to the top, and carry on your spraying tasks!