ORILEY Agro 3 Litre Handheld Garden Spray Bottle Clear Portable Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle and Hand Pressure for Plant Mist Pumping Yard & Weed(Random Colour)

  • EASY HAND GRIP: The handle of the sprayer has a power-grip ergonomic design. This helps in carrying the container easily and spraying without stressing your joints.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: The sprayer can make cleaning easy for you. This container can be used to spray pesticides to keep bugs away from your plants or from infesting your house. It can also be filled with soapy water to clean mirrors and household stuff or with perfume to freshen the rooms.
  • ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE: What makes this manual sprayer convenient and easy is its nozzle design. It helps evenly spray the fluid wherever required without the fear of spilling extra. The nozzle has adjustable options for either fine mist or pressure jet mode. Set it as per your preference.
  • CONTINUE OPERATION BUTTON: Engineered to keep your hand muscles free of pain, the sprayer is equipped with a continue operation button. This helps spray pesticides with ease without much hassle.
  • THICK BODY: Because of its thick body, the sprayer is sturdy and durable. It’s free of solvents and chemically resistant, which helps it withstand a wide range of chemicals.
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